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Sigtech is a Brazilian company that manufactures Igniters, switch harnesses for ranges, Development and production of electronic boards for different markets, import parts for home appliances and automotive. Our main goal is to meet our customers in an objective and competitive manner.


Founded in São Paulo city in 2009, initially with services in technical silkscreen.


Soon SIGTECH grew and expanded your activities in the Industry, developing and manufacturing components for home appliances and electronic boards with excellence in quality and service.


In 2013 started our activities in the Indaiatuba city where it operates until today.


Located in a large and structured Industrial District, we count on a wide productive area, where we offer services and quality products.


Sigtech also stands out for its personalized service to its customers, providing them with complete support, from the project phase until its conception, including the production of tools, molds and devices necessary for its manufacture, always respecting standards and specifications requested. We have international partners providing convenience and competitiveness in import, always providing certified and homologated products.




We will be recognized as a company providing services, intelligent and competitive solutions with personalized attention and high level of quality. Becoming a valuable company to our partners and employees.




Be a company with valuable principles for our customers. Keeping our operations simplified and focused on the market in which we operate 




 - Integrity

- Continuous improvement

- Commitment - Innovation

- Human Valorization

- Sustainability

- Overcoming the Results

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